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My father, Robert Vernon, owned the Shell station on the corner of 8th street and 31 in Holland, the first ASE certified service center in Holland. Back then, gas stations didn't sell candy and cold drinks. They sold good, quality automotive service and customer care.

I started helping my dad around the station when I was 12 years old, pumping gas and working in the service bays to help the mechanics however I could.  I read the service manuals and helped with oil changes until I was old enough to know I wanted to help our customers by providing the best automotive service possible.

After my time in the Marine Corps during Desert Storm, I came back to my hometown of Holland. I purchased the service and towing business from my father, working alongside him every day until he retired.

Check Engine, Inc is the result of years of experience with automotive service and repairs. The electronics under the hood has evolved from a single module that controlled everything to the 36 or more modules present on today's complex car and passenger truck engines.

Check Engine, Inc specializes in the electrical and electronic issues experienced in the vehicles on the road today. We even support the cars that other service stations don't. So many shops do not have the proper equipment to troubleshoot complex electrical issues so instead, they send their repairs to us here at Check Engine, Inc right here in Holland, MI.

Today, service and tech support for cars has changed but one thing has not. In our current location for more than 15 years, Check Engine Inc continues to provide our customers with the best possible solutions at a reasonable price. 

Contact us today and let Check Engine, Inc solve your challenging automotive electrical or electronic issues.

~Robert, jr.

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