Automotive Electrical Problems

We specialize in all of your auto electrical needs and solve problems other repair shops can't. With more than 25 years experience with automotive electrical issues, when your check engine light comes on, it's time to come on in.

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General Automotive Repair

We work on more than just electrical problems. Gasoline or diesel engines, CV joints, 4-wheel drive systems, cooling systems, transmission, differential, brake problems and so much more - we can fix it. Bring your problems into our shop.

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Automotive Maintenance Services

It doesn't have to be broken for us to take a look. Even if your Check Engine light isn't on, bring your car to CHI. We also perform diagnostics, as well as oil changes and lube, belts hoses, and everyday maintenance that keeps you on the road.

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When the Light Comes On - Check Engine, Inc

At CHI, we specialize in the automotive electrical issues that can cause minor annoyances or major performance problems in modern-day cars and trucks. With so many electronic controls and sensors, your vehicle has slowly become a rolling computer. At CHI, we have focused on the electrical problems, and the equipment necessary to find the solutions, for more than 25 years. If your light comes on, we'll find the reason.

However, electrical issues are not the only thing we do. Check Engine, Inc is your one-stop shop for auto electrical trouble, and also for general repairs on gas and diesel engines, and other mechanical and electrical systems as well. We can help with your cooling system, heating and air conditioning issues, brake troubles, transmission problems, starting and charging systems, and much more.

Check Engine, Inc - when the light comes on, it's time to stop in for a visit. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information or to find out hours of operation and location.

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Please visit our Contact page and call today for more information about how we can help make your car or truck operate the way it should. Don't let poor service or a lack of equipment keep your car off the road!